Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If a question you have is not answered below, please feel free to email us any questions or concerns you may have.

What if I have other ideas?

Our goal is to serve the broader creative community, so if you have ideas that you need help taking to the next level. We are open to hearing it; send us an email at This can range from films to awesome creative events.

Can my script really go into production?

Yes, if you have a solid story then your script will definitely have a shot at going into production with the our community behind you. If you do not have a solid story attend our pitch days and collaboration day so that the community can help you with your story. Additionally, you must be a “Prime Villager” for your script to go into production. However, you can attend Collaboration day as well as pitch day under the basic villager level.

How does Zolle benefit Directors?

If you are wanting to become a director Zolle is giving those member the opportunity to direct our mini films. In these environments you will be able to learn from the pros in the room as well as make mistakes. Learning the craft is about getting in the game. Zolle will put you in.

Does Zolle do Skit or Sketches?

Our focus is narrative film making versus skits.

Does Zolle do Feature Films?

Zolle may produce Features film in the future. However, Features are time and budget intensive the requires all hands on deck. So right now will be focusing on short film, commercial and online series. So that we can help more people in the community.

What happens on “Pitch day”?

We will give our community members an a lotted time to pitch their project then from there our team will provide feed back. We promise confidentiality. View our terms and conditions and privacy document.

Why do I have to subscribe for a certain amount of time?

The ability for Zolle to be able to do production depends on our community. So if there are bad members who use our service quickly and get out jeopardizes the future of our community. Those member will not be welcomed back unless they got through the Zolle team.

Do you have customer service?

You can contact our team at

What Genre’s does Zolle produce?

We will produce any genre that has a compiling story that Zolle Studios community can afford to produce.

Does Zolle do Animated Films?

Currently Zolle will NOT producing Animated Films.

What’s your return policy?

Courses: we offer a 15 day money back guarantee on our course. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the content. Just contact our team and request your refund at

Subscriptions are non-refundable after five days of activations.