Our Story 

Aspiring artists have always faced formidable challenges on their quest to start their careers. They are up against an abundance of talent, limited auditions, and limited budgets. With the additional challenge of major studios being unapproachable, many artists are often left to fend for themselves. The Zolle village is designed to be a place where artists without industry contacts can be heard, seen, and thrive. It’s a place for established artists to further build and experiment on their craft. We built Zolle Studios to be a story telling machine and a place where opportunity and community is real for our villagers. Here, we will merge the connected and unconnected to grow and learn from each other. We are creating stories to remember and experiences to cherish. Welcome to Zolle Studios.

Meet The Team

Mayson Minor

Creative Director/ Cinematographer

Josh Swanson

Operations Coordinator/Musician

Hugo Nue  

Story Expert/Instructor

Helena Victoria

Actor/Instructor/Talent Coordinator

Armando Saurez

Production Expert/Actor/Director

Janchell Swanson

Events Specialist/Crafty

Cody Walker

Brand partnerships Coordinator

Kayla Gilchrist 


Dena Weaver

Entertainment Lawyer

Our Studio

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